An interview with Michael Eaton

My next blogpost on reflections on Reformed theology in Scandinavia will be a few more days, but meanwhile I’d like to share this interview with Michael Eaton. He is a reformed theologian originally from Westminster Chapel in London, but is now since many years back leading a church in Kenya that has seen many churches being planted.

In the interview Michael Eaton is sharing his perspective on many issues such as justification, grace, works, sanctification, the warnings in scripture and the sermon on the mount. I believe that his thoughts feed very well into the discussions that has taken place on my earlier reformed theology posts.

The interview is 25 minutes long but is well worth the time.

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2 Responses to “An interview with Michael Eaton”

  • Comment from David Kimaru

    I like that presentation with Micchael Eaton.
    Michael Eaton,I heard him when I was in Kenya at Nairobi Cinema and City Hall and I was so blessed with his ministry.
    I want to study more of the Word of God in a good theological college here in US and teach the Word of God like you people.
    May God bless you all.

  • Comment from Martin Goodwin

    I have recently secured a copy of Michael’s book “A Theology of Encouragement” on accidently!!! discovering this interview. Dynamite indeed

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